About Athletics Ontario

Today the regions of AO have been assimilated and, while they continue to operate locally and regionally, they no longer have direct representation on the Board of Directors. The AO President, Vice President and several others with specific portfolios, representing various facets of the sport, sit on the Provincial Board of Directors.

Every club may be represented at the AO Annual General Meeting and may vote if they have 5 members. A copy of the By-Laws of the OTFA is available on request, along with the Association Policy and Procedures Handbook. The main objectives of Athletics Ontario are:

  1. promote and encourage participation from the grass roots level through to the very highest level of proficiency
  2. assist coaches, officials and club executives in fulfilling their goals
  3. establish an authority which can voice the concerns and desires of members to the appropriate bodies

The objectives of Athletics Ontario are to:

  • Promote physical, emotional and mental well-being;
  • Promote athletics;
  • Support and assist athletes in their development;
  • Develop courses of instruction for/certification of coaches and officials; and
  • Promote and ensure competent delivery of athlete-center recreational and competitive athletics programs in Ontario through member clubs and athletics communities.

Mission Statement

Athletics Ontario’s organizational mission is to: develop, promote and ensure competent delivery of programs and competitions in athletics for the participant’s enjoyment of the sport produce highly competitive provincial, national and international athletes; and contribute to the health, fitness, social development and well-being of all participants.