About The Holy Orthodox Metropolis Of Toronto

The Holy Orthodox Metropolis of Toronto (HOMT) was established in 1991, under the spiritual guidance of His Eminence, Metropolitan Makarios.   HOMT is a member of the Holy Orthodox Church in North America and operates out of St. Nicholas House located on the northern city limits of Toronto.

The primary goal of HOMT is to facilitate the maintenance of an ecclesiastical diocese that shall practice and forever uphold the Orthodox Christian faith, worship, teachings, and way of life in full accordance with the Holy Tradition of the Orthodox Christian Church.

To achieve this goal, HOMT aims to establish organizations, programs and events to continue to develop and promote religious education and way of life of our faithful in the form of lecture series, discussion forums and educational material.

St. Nicholas House is open to all members of HOMT and, everyone is free to visit or access it at anytime as it continues to serve as a centre for the work of the Diocese.