About Scarborough Shadow Water Polo Club

The Shadow Water Polo Club was founded in 1995. Our Club is non-profit and operated by parent volunteers.

The water polo program at Shadow has been crafted and nourished over time to bring out the best in every athlete.  Shadow is being developed as a full–service club dedicated not just to competitive success at the very highest levels, but to the personal growth and fulfillment of all athletes at all levels.  We are now able to proudly claim that we are a totally full service competitive water polo club with athletes at the developmental level right through to the senior National and International level. As eager as our coaches are to develop provincial, national and world-class athletes, we also pride ourselves in our ability to offer great programs at all levels of competitive water polo.

Our mission at Shadow is to create the opportunity for successful experiences in recreational and competitive water polo, which may range from National and Olympic dreams at one end of the spectrum to physical fitness and fun at the other end.

We strongly believe in the fun of learning, the fun of participating, the fun of competing, and the fun of improving.  It is the fun that goes with being part of a really great team.  It is the fun of achieving success, both on your own terms, and up on the scoreboard, for everyone to see.